Company: STG Inc.
Client: Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation
Location: Bethel, AK
Project Details:

In October 2016 STG began work on the YKHC Bethel Clinic and Hospital Remodel Project. This project is for the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation for expansion of their current facilities at the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta Regional Hospital in Bethel, AK, to include the addition of a new three story clinic building and renovation of portions of their existing facilities. STG was awarded a contract as a sub to ASKW-Davis to provide all labor and equipment required for the installation of all pipe piles, H-piles, associated caps, and vertical thermoprobes.

Phase 1 of this project included the installation of (254) 20” Pipe Piles, (4) HP10 H Piles, (160) Vertical Thermoprobes. This work began in October 2016 with all piles in the ground at the end of January 2017. A change order was issued in January as well that added the installation of 5 HDPE thermistor string tubes. To complete this work the crew rented a HDPE fusion machine to fuse together the thermistor pipe assemblies. On April 3rd our crew will go back out to complete the welding of the pile caps which will complete phase 1 work.

During phase 1 our crew overcame obstacles along the way such as working in tight spaces installing piles and thermoprobes between the existing building and the heat exchange lines. When unfavorable ground conditions were encountered our crew adjusted their means and methods, did some research and came up with a solution to finish installing the remaining thermoprobes with the use of tremie water placement and vibration. This method worked great and got the job done!
Phase 2 will begin in the Spring of 2019 and includes the installation of (15) 20” Pipe Piles, (2) HP10 H Piles, (15) Vertical Thermoprobes.