Company: Brice Marine
Client: ATS International (ATSI)
Location: Fire Island, Alaska
Project Details:

In 2012 Brice Marine participated in a transport of 11 wind turbines from the Port of Anchorage, Alaska to Fire Island (Pacific Maritime, 2012). Supplying an articulated tug and barge, Brice Marine was able to access Fire Island, which is three miles off the coast.

Because there is a lack of infrastructure on Fire Island, few alternatives existed to transport the turbines, which have the capacity of generating 17.6 megawatts of power annually for the Chugach Electric Association.

A team of engineers and the Port of Anchorage made a series of precise calculations in order to accommodate the tides during the transport. The Brice Marine ramp barge was able to land precisely, in 14 separate runs, on the beach of the island so the turbines could be offloaded on an even ramp.

ATSI Vice President Joe Goering, was quoted as saying, “At the end of the day the math worked out and we really had no incidents. Everything went smoother than we expected.”
Reference - Pacific Maritime, 2012. Fire Island: Alaska Wind Project. Pacific Maritime Magazine. October, 2012. Page 38.