Company: Brice Marine
Client: Carlile Transportation Systems Inc.
Location: Pasco, WA & Beluga, AK
Project Details:

In 2011, Carlile Transportation Systems Inc. contracted with Brice Marine LLC to provide barge transportation of nine 120-ton modules for the ConocoPhillips Beluga Wellhead Compressor Project. Using their articulated tug and barge (ATB), Brice Marine transported the modules from Pasco, WA, directly to the beach landing project site at Beluga in Southcentral Alaska.

The ATB’s defining characteristic is within its design. The ATB system mechanically connects the tug and barge, giving it the unit capabilities of a landing craft. The ATB allows a tug and barge to have more of the speed and efficiencies of a ship than a traditional tug and barge set. Without the ATB, the only method of transport would have been to transfer the modules from a large barge to a smaller landing craft. The conventional delivery system requires additional time and cost while the extra handling exposes the cargo to greater risk of damage.
Capable of carrying as many as five modules on its deck per shipment, the ATB was able to efficiently transport all nine modules in two trips.