Who We Are

Bilista, a lifecycle construction group currently comprised of 15 companies, offers construction services in every phase of the construction cycle. We plan, manage, equip, transport, build, and provide cleanup services. With a broader network, Bilista is able to streamline projects and reduce inefficiencies in the construction cycle.

We provide better value and skilled expertise, while retaining the highest caliber of operations. Bilista’s operating companies range from foundations and vertical construction to environmental remediation and marine transport. The Bilista line of companies has you covered from every aspect of the project lifecycle.

 Vision Statement

A heavy construction holding company and subsidiary of Calista Corporation, that provides lifecycle construction services to customers while maintaining high caliber operations and increased efficiency.

Mission Statement

Bilista is committed to providing a collaborative business model enabling our subsidiaries to achieve economic success through delivery of high quality products and services for our clients; thus creating opportunities for our Alaska Native Corporation and its shareholders.